Friday Night With Miranda Lambert & Chris Young

So, first of all, holy crap! My blog has 81 followers! Thank you guys so much! I am ecstatic right now!

Secondly, as you all probably know, I am a huge country music fan! Last night I went to a Miranda Lambert concert with my Aunt and it was fantastic! Chris Young was one of the openers, which was my second time seeing him, and I’ve gotta tell you: I’m going to marry that boy someday! Jerrod Neimann was the first opener, and he was decent. He didn’t seem to have the same energy and “holy crap this is happening to me,” enthusiasm, to be honest. Miranda herself was a hoot, and so amazingly talented! She put on quite a show and I swear she could have performed all night long, she was so into it! She told us how she sat next to Lady Gaga at the Grammy’s and how she was really very nice, and shared a few funny little stories about her! It really was a fantastic night and I am so glad I went!


Comment! :)

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