Q40 Clothing

I am loving my new leather jacket and leather shorts from Q40! You may not have heard of them, but the brand has been around for two years, and has been majorly successful! Q40 is in about one-hundred specialty stores throughout the country like Fred Segal Trend, Big Drop, E Street Denim, Boogies, Angel, Wendy Foster, Happy LA, and Two Skirts. They are currently developing a cross brand with Michael Stars, and are rapidly expanding! Casey Haines designs the garments, and Jeff Stern is the president of sales!
When I received the two pieces, I was blown away! The jacket features a berry to black ombre print, and many other tedious details such as quilting on the shoulders and upper back, a zipper on each sleeve, two breast pockets, and my favorite feature: a zip-off hood! It is a light, but warm jacket which is complete with three different linings! The one lining makes it easy to slide your arms in which is something that I never thought would make a difference, but it does!
The shorts are equally as impressive, featuring pleats in the front, and large hidden hip pockets! I was so surprised at how comfortable the shorts are, being leather, I expected them to be stiff and heavy. They are the opposite, feeling like butter against my legs, and they are light enough to wear in the Spring and Summer, but versatile enough to wear in the Fall and Winter with opaque or sheer tights! I am actually wearing them today!  They are also extremely easy to get on and off, as they have a long hidden zipper down the left hip, along with a snap so that they are secure! They are fully lined as well which is a plus!



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