Trends: Baroque

Baroque Art was created by the Italians and later adopted by Austria, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Germany. A few Baroque features can also be recognized in Dutch art. Baroque refers to the period of art from the late 1500’s to the late 1700’s by those in the nineteenth century. It is broken into three different categories: Counter-Reformation, Realism, and Absolutism. Baroque focuses on light and shadow styling, drama, realism and the aura surrounding the Catholic Church. The style of Baroque is not limited to the fine arts, but reaches subjects such as architecture and fashion.
Baroque can be seen today in clothing embroidery and textiles in collections from Balmain, Giles, Suno, Lavin, and Dolce & Gabbbana. The majority of the collections are focused on deep, rich, oil paint infused colors, a combination of loose and structured silhouettes, and texture. It is influenced by dark, almost gothic edges, adding mystery to the look. 

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