DIY Specimen Tray

I love collecting everything from beads and crystals, to glass shells and rocks. I never had anywhere to put them except in random jars and plastic bags, so I came up with this really simple DIY where they can all be in the same place.
You Will Need:
~Mini match boxes (find them at the $1 store)
~Thick cardboard
~Any type of glue (I used a hot glue gun)
~Your specimen (rocks, crystals, shells, glass, beads, etc.)
1) Remove the covers and matches from your boxes (6).
2) Arrange the boxes in the formation you like (I did a 2×3 arrangement).
3) Move the arrangement on top of your cardboard and trace the perimeter.
4) Cut the cardboard to size and glue down the boxes.
5) After dry, place your specimen in the different compartments and place on a shelf, desk, or windowsill. 
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