Inspired Design: White

Style is translated through many facets of living including fashion, home design, and jewelry. Often, parallels can be found between the areas including shape, textile technique, color and texture. Monochromatic styled living has been trending the past few years, creating a space of interest and unexpected depth. Probably the most popular color used in creating this atmosphere is white. White represents cleanliness, light, purity, rebirth and innocence, which provides the necessary mood when trying to express ones vision.


Ruffled Pillow | Vase | Mirror | Chair | Coral Specimen | Book | Necklace | Bread Bin

There are different ways to incorporate the white monochromatic look whether it be in an outfit or at home.

When styling an all white outfit, be sure to use at least three shades of white and cream, avoiding stark white, as it can be too severe when placed next to softer tones. Also experiment with different textures and fabrics like Isabel Marant did in her Fall RTW 2013 collection. This allows for a multi-dimensional outfit.

Translating any monochromatic look to the home can be intimidating and if not done right, bland. Like when working with an outfit, use objects that have different shades, textures, and shapes. Instead of tackling an entire room, start small like a desk or bureau and arrange different objects with varying heights next to each other. Also, integrate found natural objects such as feathers, shells and stones with man-made pieces. Natural objects provide interest to a space as well as a calming effect. They can keep a space from looking forced.

Would you try this trend? Share your thoughts below!


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