Up & Coming Trends: Exposed Bras

When I sat down with Free People’s President, Meg Hayne, she told me one of her favorite up and coming trends is the exposed bra. She loves lace detailing and caged bras especially!Meg said she loves not only low armholes, but also exaggerated low backs and even plunging necklines.The word that she used to describe this look is ‘provocative,’ but that is not to be confused with what she said is, “Some college girl who wants to wear a tight dress to show off her body. Not slutty.”24963324_001_eĀ If you want to try this out, here are a few good options:

1 | 2 | 3

What is your take on this trend? Would you wear it? How would you style it? Comment below! Ā **For more inspiration, check out my ‘Exposed’ Pinterest board.**


2 thoughts on “Up & Coming Trends: Exposed Bras

  1. I love the the trend, I would totally wear it and also have worn it already. I only had a few bad tongues, telling me to wear a shirt when I walked around in the city with it, but just kept on walking šŸ˜‰ xxwww.zoesparablepsia.blogspot.comwww.zoesparablepsia.tumblr.com

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