Around the Home

Little accents around the home like clusters of photographs and art on the wall, flower arrangements and piles of books can really warm up a room. Photographs and artwork can be great to hang on walls by size, color or subject. The best part is you can rearrange them and swap them out whenever you feel the need for a new view. Flower arrangements and plants add life to a space and can break up geometric shapes that exist in furniture, windows, and doors. Books and magazines can be great stacked on a coffee table or against a wall and can be interesting for guests to flip through. What is your favorite home accent? 

Expanding Thoughts

“You are being called to create your life in a more mythic way. Spent time coming to clarity about what your personal myth actually is. Remember: you are the creator. Life does not just happen to you! Examine the parts of your life script that are not working so that you can change and rescript those parts that are not serving your most expanded unfoldment as a hero/heroine of your myth.”

Images via Pony Gold // Quote via Mystic Mama.

All Around Everywhere

I am currently running on four hours of sleep. My family got back really late last night from the Elizabeth Islands. Here is a little bit of inspiration to start your weekend!

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Queen Anne’s Lace

I have been on vacation for the past week and haven’t  posted anything due to the lack of internet. I finally found a good connection in the corner of my room, of which I am very grateful for! I will be posting photos from my adventures in the Elizabeth Islands next week when I get home. 🙂

I found this ethereal editorial via Fashion Gone Rogue. It is from the Fourth of July issue of the German weekly magazine Zeit Magazin. Shots were taken by photographer Lina Scheynius who captured models and sisters Inka and Neele Hoeper in unmanicured fields, in the water and in lush forests.

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