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Human nature, Mother Earth, + lots of bright colors. Happy Monday! Hope you have a good week!



have you ever noticed that when the transition from summer to fall happens, the sunlight becomes brighter? my favorite time of day is right before the sun goes down and the light is orange. it reflects off of everything in this really neat way. the world looks like a fairytale with thousands of bugs buzzing around and the leaves on the trees illuminated. take a little time to notice the light, not just the dark. 

Expanding Thoughts

“You are being called to create your life in a more mythic way. Spent time coming to clarity about what your personal myth actually is. Remember: you are the creator. Life does not just happen to you! Examine the parts of your life script that are not working so that you can change and rescript those parts that are not serving your most expanded unfoldment as a hero/heroine of your myth.”

Images via Pony Gold // Quote via Mystic Mama.

All Around Everywhere

I am currently running on four hours of sleep. My family got back really late last night from the Elizabeth Islands. Here is a little bit of inspiration to start your weekend!

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Inspiration: Rock ‘n Roll Goddess Queen

Rock ‘n roll goddess queen, thriving in the in-between. Eyes glued to the sky, where she knows she will someday soar, but until that day, grounded and roaming she will stay.

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